Should You Make Apartment Moves Yourself or Resort to Moving Companies?

Make Apartment Moves

There comes a time when every apartment dweller is necessitated to make a move. No matter what the nature of the move may be, you have to move at some point in time. And when you have to move, you have to decide will you be doing it all by yourself or you will be relying on professional moving companies to help you take your stuff to the new Birmingham apartments that you are shifting to.

It is often seen, however, that money that one saves after handling the move themselves is not worth the effort and time they spend to complete the job. Here are some approximate figures as to what kind of costs you can expect while making 2-3 bedroom apartment moves.

Most of the moving service providers usually have a specific minimum figure when it comes to hours of work. So, it is important to ask the moving companies under consideration how many minimum hours of work they agree on to render their service. Mostly, you are subjected to pay at least for two and half hours for a couple of men and the moving truck.
Hourly rate is also important to be considered before opting for a mover to shift to your new Birmingham AL apartments. Unless you agree on the flat rate with your moving service provider, make sure that you ask about what they charge on hourly basis. Mostly, the small apartment moves are easily completed within 3 to 4 hours, and the bill for such moves tends to be anywhere from $200 to $400. Though you may think it’s too much but considering the kind of labor required for moving to new apartments, it is a good deal.

Now, let’s consider how you can compare this to doing it on your own. You first have to request a few of your friends to help you out and buy them a pizza and some drinks once the move is made. Furthermore, a truck has to be rented for an entire day. The lowest possible estimates can be around $150 for taking this option. This is also somewhere near the estimates that you may get at the very least from professional movers as well.

Considering all the effort and time that you will have to put in this move, it can be a good idea to hire professionals to take care of the job. However, before selecting the moving company, make sure you ask them about insurance, who’ll come to carry out the move, what’s the estimate for doing your specific job, and if they can provide any references or not. After getting all the answers, you are looking for you should book the mover who satisfies your required criteria.
To avoid all the fuss, you can also ask your Birmingham apartment finder to refer a good moving company to carry out the move for you.